Mocha and Klyrz is the main character of blossover. Mocha is an au frisk and Klyrz is an au chara. Everyone in blossover use any pronouns. The reason why mocha has a eyepatch she/he/them got a fight. During the fight, the monster slice her/his/their eye. The fight was a tie. When every time someone asks why She/He/them has an eye patch. She/He/them just say with " Oh. I just don't like showing my eye for personal reasons. ( Yes, She/He/them can still see through her eye. She/He/them just doesn't want to be bully for it or overthink when someone keeps on telling the same question. ) Klyrz is a very mean and quiet person. She/He/them only cares about flowers and how people treat them. Sometimes, She/He/them might give someone a flower crown to build trust. Blossover is a horror au because it has blood, overthinking, Flashing lights, and disturbing images. I don't recommend blossover if you are uncomfortable with these warnings.

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