Blossover is on the surface near Mount Ebott. In that area is a flower field and where mocha likes to spend their time. After when the monster and frisk break the barrier. The people on the surface start apologizing for what they did to them in the past and signed a treaty to remain in peace between them. After, mocha finds out what happened. She/He/them was scared that She/He/them will move again. She/He/them was still nice to them because they have higher lv than her/his/they or that's what they think. It was clear, that everyone knows that they are quiet and kinda dangerous for escaping a teacher that was about to talk to her about why She/He/them is being a distraction to the class. She/He/them doesn't care about how many people talk behind her/his/their back. It won't stop her/him/they from exploring in her/him/they free time to free her/his/their head. One day, mocha decided to explore near Mount Ebott a bit deeper. To find a flower field with beautiful rare flowers. Also finding some houses covered in vines, a cave, and a city there. It was full of magic and hope there. Even though, mocha know that they can't stay forever there. When every time, she/he/them finished school and doing homework. she/he/them goes there and spends some time there.

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